spec: 0.1 install: package: spatie/laravel-responsecache:6.1.1 meta: name: composer/spatie/laravel-responsecache version: 6.1.1 config: enabled: label: Enabled required: True type: "scalar/boolean" default: true variable: RESPONSE_CACHE_ENABLED helptext: Determine if the response cache middleware should be enabled. cache_driver: label: Enabled readonly: True required: True type: "scalar/string" default: database variable: RESPONSE_CACHE_DRIVER helptext: Determines the driver being used for caching cache_lifetime_in_seconds: label: "Cache lifetime (in sec)" required: False type: "scalar/integer" default: 604800 variable: RESPONSE_CACHE_LIFETIME helptext: > When using the default CacheRequestFilter this setting controls the default number of seconds responses must be cached. cache_time_header_name: label: "Cache header name" required: False type: "scalar/string" default: "laravel-responsecache" variable: RESPONSE_CACHE_HEADER_NAME helptext: > This setting determines the name of the http header that contains the time at which the response was cached